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25 October 2009 @ 09:04 pm

.the last one is from the photobook, y/n..? i'm not sure if i tagged this correctly.

PS: can anyone else help with the community..? i'm really busy nowadays, so i usually have to post 2 or more pics a day to make up for it. ;_; sorry for that. help, anyone..? D: it would be really appreciated. thanks.
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23 October 2009 @ 05:18 pm

.i miss zeh chibi!days. ;_;

.and again, i bring 5 pictures because i'm late. and i have a REALLY good reason for that. first is because our internet broke down. damn it. then when we got it fixed, everytime i get home, i plop from exhaustion from gymnastics practice. and just really busy. lame excuse. but at least we get more than 1 pic a day. *shot*
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18 October 2009 @ 11:24 am

YESTERDAY [10/17/09]:


TODAY [10/18/09]:

.sorry for not posting yesterday. they dragged me out of the house. DD: i totally phailed on the first day of my job. TT____TT
btw, does anyone remember where the first scan is from..? thanks.
.anyway, today i bring you UMP days Ryutaro and Jr. Ryutaro. 8D i miss these days. ;_; when he wasn't so tall yet. *shot*
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16 October 2009 @ 10:52 pm

I have a good news to everyone, we have new maintainers : aishi07 ! *throws confetti* She will start maintaining this community from tommorow. Both of us will shift every 2 weeks :) Be nice to her okay?
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15 October 2009 @ 11:41 pm

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14 October 2009 @ 10:28 pm
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13 October 2009 @ 09:02 pm

! ! !
I am now in semi-hiatus and going to be hiatus maybe for couple days. I will face mid-test next week and i have lotsa things to do, school projects,homeworks and school events Dx But i don't wanna ryuudays to be unactive just cause i'm in hiatus mode, so someone wanna accompany me maintaining ryuudays ?
All you have to do is post anything Ryuu-related, it doesn't have to scans, you are allowed to post mp3 downloads or video download/online streaming, everyday. 1 post per-day.
If you're interested drop a comment here :) Thanks !
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11 October 2009 @ 11:24 pm
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11 October 2009 @ 07:51 am

credits : boys_paper
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10 October 2009 @ 08:48 pm